January 6, 2009

As my first blog here, let me start by introducing is a software solution designed to coordinate the everyday activities with your groups and friends.
Millions of busy individuals and families spend many hours every week organizing and coordinating activities across their social, school, extracurricular and professional groups. We simplify this coordination both for organizers and participants and help connect people who share in these activities.

Busy individuals belong to/and organize many groups in their everyday lives. They use a combination of email, calendars, spreadsheets, event systems and phone calls for such coordination and aside from the inefficiency of using so many applications, people use them differently, forcing coordination to be a manual effort. Examples of activities that require such coordination include:

  • Team coaches have to track practice and game schedules, rosters, signups, and distribute other team communications, and parents have to record schedules, meet signup deadlines and have timely access to last minute information (such as practice cancellations)
  • To volunteer in a local school, a PTO/PTA chairperson spends much time and effort creating volunteer forms, distributing them within the parent community, and collating the results. Parents deal with paper forms, emails, and phone calls to sign up for available opportunities.
  • To organize a simple carpool ride to school or practices can be very time consuming as people look for others in their community that travel to the same place around the same time.
  • To arrange a camping trip, friends exchange many emails to coordinate location, dates and who brings what.

Such coordination spans sports teams, scout troops, school and church communities, committees, book clubs, walking groups, neighborhood groups, along with family and friend circles. There are tremendous opportunities for people to develop and enrich their social connections with those they share common activities.