Castilleja School uses to proactively manage student workload and stress

October 1, 2009

We announced this week that Castilleja School, an independent middle and high school in Palo Alto, CA, is using Rjenda to proactively manage student workload and stress. With Rjenda, school administrators, teachers, advisors, students and parents can see potential “hot spots” early and take action to mitigate the stress that workload peaks create.

More details are in the press release here

With Rjenda’s unique solution:

  • Teachers can see the workload for students in their classes, and plan future assessments to spread student workload evenly.
  • Advisors and deans can view the assessment load for their students to identify potential hot spots and work with teachers to mitigate these in advance.
  • Students can see when their assessments are scheduled.
  • Department heads can view assessments for each class in their departments to help ensure an appropriate number and spread of assessments for each class across the semester.
  • Technology staff can easily deploy and support the system  – with integration to other systems and easy to use software that requires little to no training.

Castilleja School rolled out the solution to their teachers, administrators, students, and parents at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year.

We are in conversations with several other schools and look forward to working with everyone in the school community.


The Rjenda Team