Rjenda Introduces Time Analysis Module to get insight into where your time was spent

November 3, 2009

We have all heard the expression “time is money”, but few people have the tools to measure and analyze where they spend their time and if the “time spent” has been put to good use.

People working at companies of all sizes, spend many hours in meetings, yet have little insight on how much time was spent on key projects/tasks and further whether it was spent on the right priorities. While one can do some basic analysis, the real benefits come when we proactively manage where and how we spend our time.

We also see many busy families scrambling through the week with various activities focused around their family. These could be birthdays, sports events, dance practice, etc. Most of these families maintain paper or electronic calendars, but few have the tools to provide them with the visibility into “where they spent their last month or year”.

In the last few months we at Rjenda have spoken to a number of people who wanted more insight and visibility into where they spend their time, so they can determine if it was well spent and make changes as needed.

Rjenda is trying to solve this problem with the introduction of the “Time Analysis” module. With this module, you can analyze both how much time you spend and where you spent it every week/month. We can analyze this information for

  1. Calendars you maintain in Rjenda, or
  2. Calendars you maintain externally (Google, Microsoft. Apple) and can import into Rjenda for analysis

We will be releasing a Time Analysis module for companies in the coming weeks, so they can see how much time they are spending with their key customers, what are their costs of customer acquisition and much more.

More on the technology and analytics behind this in the next blog

Please try it and let us know what you think.

The Rjenda Team