Rjenda introduces new Library module to store classroom content

August 31, 2010

While most schools have been using Rjenda to proactively manage student workload and stress, others had asked to add the capability to store their class/course content within Rjenda.  These schools wanted their teachers to be able to add their class teaching material (pdf files, powerpoint notes, word documents, etc)  in one convenient place for students to access.

We have done that in a new module called the “Library”. Here are some of the details of what is available today –

  • The library consists of folders, which can contain photos, files and URL links. With the URL links users can now share any web content including web pages, videos from YouTube and more.
  • All content in a folder can be seen in a “List” view or “icon” view similar to other applications users work with every day. Users can decide what view they prefer based on the content they are looking at.
  • Teachers can order the sequence of the folders so that they appear in the order in which such content is being taught in class. With a simple drag-n-drop paradigm,  users can place the cursor over a folder – up/down arrows are displayed –  and move the folder up or down.
  • Users can access the content of all their classes/groups in one place – aggregated for all their information. They can select the class/group that they want to access via a drop-down, and see the folders in that class/group.
  • All folders can be shared with other groups/classes the organizer has access to. This will enable a teacher to share a class’ library with other classes they teach.

We welcome your feedback on this new functionality.

The Rjenda Team