Rjenda integrates with Finalsite to enhance user experience.

Rjenda recently introduced integration with Finalsite, a provider of web design and software for schools and colleges around the world. This integration was driven by some of our mutual customers, who want to provide a seamless experience for their school user community especially teachers, students and parents.

This integration includes – 

  1. Single sign-on (SSO) – where a teacher or student is using Finalsite and can go to Rjenda via a link with no need to log-on again. This link can be added to any Finalsite portal page with an element of type ‘SSO’
  2. Integration with Finalsite’s classsroom calendar – Rjenda can export assessments/tests, homework assignments and events via a dynamic URL such that the information is available in the classroom calendar defined in Finalsite. The teacher/administrator can edit the calendar properties in Finalsite and associate a ‘live’/dynamic (iCal) URL with the calendar.

As you may know, Rjenda is an online software solution designed to help schools proactively manage student workload and stress. With Rjenda, teachers can identify students with workload hot-spots early and take action to mitigate the stress that such workload peaks create. To do this effectively, the school faculty enters assessments/tests, homework assignments and events (games, performances, etc) in Rjenda, which are then also visible in the other systems the school uses.

We welcome your feedback.

The Rjenda Team


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