Rjenda introduces 2 new analytics to get better visibility into student workload exceptions

We want to let you know of 2 new analytics that we have added to the products which are available from the INSIGHT tab.

  1. Workload Exception Analysis
  2. Department Usage Analysis

The analytics are designed to highlight exceptions so that teachers, department heads and administrators can continue to focus on what matters most and proactively manage student workload and stress.

Workload Exception Analysis
This new analytic shows the number of assessment exceptions during the school year and the students have been impacted by such exceptions. An exception is defined as when a student has more than 2 assessments on any given day. While student-centric assessment load information has been available in Rjenda since its inception, this new view highlights exceptions and focuses on students that are most impacted.

Department Usage Analysis
This new analytic shows usage of the product in each department. Here we show the percent (%) of classes within each department that have at least 1 assessment in the next 4 weeks. School administrators and department heads can use this new view to follow-up with the relevant teachers, to ensure that the appropriate number and spread of assessments are maintained at the school. This analytic can be used in conjunction with Spread Analysis, which has been available for some time now.

Rjenda has always had a strong focus on providing visibility and insight to teachers, administrators and departments heads and these two new analytics should help schools focus on what they do best – teach and enrich student’s lives.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

The Rjenda Team


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