Rjenda adds To-Do List to Student Planner

May 16, 2011

RJENDA  has added a new view in the student planner, called the “To-Do” List. The key goal of this view is to provide students (and their parents) a better list of items they should be working on any particular day, especially “today”. They can also print this list of assessments, assignments and events as needed.

This Improved display shows all assessments, assignments and events in the planner for the student and is divided into two sections

Section 1: MUST DO for today

  • Displays all assessments scheduled for tomorrow since students may need to prepare for them today
  • Displays all homework assignments due tomorrow
  • Display all events for today

Section 2: MAY DO for today

  • Displays assessments due after tomorrow for the next 6 days
  • Displays assignments due after tomorrow for the next 6 days
  • Displays events for the next 6 days

Please note that this view has been added to the student planner and is visible to students, parents and teachers/administrators of the school. This is one more step as Rjenda tries to help the school community, especially students in this case, to better manage their time and workload.


The Rjenda Team