Rjenda enhances its mobile application to allow students to mark assignments as “Done” and enter time it takes to complete

April 30, 2012

As you may know, Rjenda’s mobile application is designed for use by students and parents who are registered users of Rjenda.com. The focus of this app is the student’s “To-Do” list, which lists all academic and extracurricular activities that the student MUST-Do and MAY-Do on any given day. These activities include assessments, homework assignments and extracurricular activities.

We have enhanced the Rjenda mobile application with the following new capabilities –

  • Students can (1) mark an assignment as “done”, (2) enter the “actual” time it takes them to complete any homework assignment, and (3) enter comments for themselves regarding the assignment.
  • Parents, if granted visibility to their children’s Planners, can see which assignments have been marked as completed and how long it took to complete

Teachers, using the web, can see the average, minimum and maximum time it has taken the students in their class for any given assignment. They can compare this with the estimated time they entered and make adjustments, or engage in meaningful conversations with their students, as needed.

We welcome your feedback.

Rjenda Team


Jewish Community High School of San Francisco selects Rjenda.com to manage student workload

April 16, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Jewish Community High School of the Bay, in San Francisco, CA  has selected and deployed Rjenda to proactively manage student workload at their school.

They will start by using Rjenda’s (1) Assessment Calendar and (2) Workload Analytics functionality. With this JCHS will be able to proactively manage student workload and wellness across their academic and extracurricular activities. Teachers, advisors, deans, and school administrators can identify students with potential workload hot spots early and take action to mitigate workload peaks and the resulting stress. Students and parents can view a personalized planner via the web or mobile device

Some of the key reasons Jewish Community High School has selected Rjenda include –

  • It gives them an overall view of daily and weekly workload vieacross all their students
  • It provides teachers the insight needed to plan their weekly schedules better
  • It has a simple interface for teachers and students to track all their activities and engage in a more meaningful way
  • It is easy to use and deploy


The Rjenda Team